Murano Glass Art
Among the great attractions of Piazza San Marco we surely must include the shops. One of the most beautifull is the Galleria d'arte Markus, a garden of glass where the items are form of poetry, real sculptures, where modern design blends with the age-long skills of the glass masters.
Markus is a genuine art gallery specialized in works of murano glass . This material is the only one that can so fantastically imitate the light, the transparent atmospheres , the fluidity of the waters of the most incredible town of the world "Venice".
From 1949 onwards, the shop became a sales outlet for Conterie, then a shop owned by Ernesto Seguso, brother of the famous Archimede. Taken over in 1970 by Markus srl, the shop was completely rennovated and became the first shop in Venice specialized in sculptures of glass and contemporary design.

During the years it has hosted all the great Murano masters: Livio Seguso, Ermanno Nason, Loredano Rosin, Angelo Seguso, Licio Zanetti and Alfredo Barbini.  Today it has the exclusive for works by Dino Rosin, Pino Signoretto, Simone Cenedese, Cristiano Onesto, Enrico Cammozzo, Sergio Costantini, Oscar & Andrea Zanetti, Alberto Donà.
Their master pieces interpret,with expressive originality, the venetian glass tradition.
These artists models the light itself in a kaleidoscope of colour.
Once to see these wonders was possible only coming to Venice.
Now you also can have this experience through our web site.